1/11/12 Comics: Downfall of the X-Men

Part Two of this week’s look at new comics (Click here for Part 1):

Uncanny X-Men #3 ($3.99; Kieron Gillen [W] & Rodney Buchemi, Paco Diaz, Carlos Pacheco [A]) – What a boring debut for the new Uncanny X-Men. The last three issues have seen Mr. Sinister (apparently back from the grave with no mention of surprise… I must have missed something) come back to populate the world with copies of himself. Emma Frost’s arm was blown off, and that was cool, and the X-Men turned away an army of Celestials, the most powerful beings in the universe, but overall, these issues were so very halfhearted. Uncanny #1-3 should have been one issue. Continue reading

1/11/12 Comics: Spidey, Capt America, Green Lantern, Demon Knights

Part Three of this week’s look at new comics (Part 1/Part 2):

Amazing Spider-Man #677 ($3.99; Mark Waid [W] & Emma Rios [A]) – Mark Waid fills in for Dan Slott this month in this two-part crossover with Daredevil. I’m disappointed in one respect since no one writes a funny Spider-Man like Slott, but since Peter Parker has just been dumped, the author switch is hardly noticeable. Waid delivers a great heartbroken Parker, as Spidey takes out his aggression on a thug before unsuccessfully trying to bag Black Cat as a rebound. He may get her yet, though, as he’s enlisted the help of Daredevil to clear Black Cat of a crime she didn’t commit (or did she?). The bizarre cliffhanger has successfully sold the upcoming Daredevil #8, on sale January 18th. But it’s the editor’s note in the letter column that reels me in: “…the Amazing Spider-Man of one year form now will be REMARKABLY different from the one you hold in your hands today.” Continue reading