Cesar Romero Returns!

For newer folks to the site, I spent the first 18 months of foo-gos making things from food. Among them were these portraits of Batman characters from the 1966 TV series.

The first one I made was Cesar Romero as the Joker in an exclusive for my boy Chris over at foodiggity. (Been a long time, Chris! Hope you’re doing well. Happy new year, boss.)



And now the best Joker of all (suck it, Ledger) is back on the site, but in a more traditional medium.
This acrylic on 30×40″ canvas piece is, hands down, the LARGEST I’ve painted to date. Over the summer, I started a 40×30″ painting of Cobra Commander making a rainbow, and it looked like the drizzling shits, so I quit that. Otherwise, DOOMED! was just 24×48″. (I did the math. This one’s bigger.)

But also like DOOMED!, I plan on making this my Asbury Park Comic Con centerpiece. Hopefully, someone snatches it right away for a hefty sum.



You can tell how unprepared I was for this painting to happen based solely on my low-res shit photos off my flip phone. Yes, flip phone. My motto is “The smarter the phone, the dumber the person.” I might be the one-eyed king in the land of the blind right now.

Anyway, the idea came to me around 5PM yesterday while I was at work. (The canvas has been behind my door since the spring.)  I sketched it within the hour while waiting for work and put it aside when the “real jobs” came in. I wrapped my design work quickly and figured, what the hell, let’s paint. And I caught a rhythm. Just gotta add in a simple background to make the Clown Prince of Crime pop off the page and we done.

1/25/12 Comics Recap: Aquaman, Justice League, Ninja Turtles

With such a hectic week finally behind me, what with being sick and flying down to Miami to run the 10th annual Miami Marathon, I never got a chance to chirp about last week’s comics. It was a small pile, so I can easily make up for it riiiiiiight… now.

All Star Western #5 ($3.99; Justin Gray/Jimmy Palmiotti [W] & Moritat/Phil Winslade [A]) – As the months pas, this book picks up more and more steam. One, of the few comics that actually merit its $3.99 cover price, All Star Western is like The Odd Couple set in Gotham City… during the wild west era. Badman Jonah Hex and Debbie Downer Dr. Arkham are trapped way below a mine shaft, in a seemingly bottomless cave with no hope of exit. (This is legitimately my greatest fear.) They dispatch a band of cannibal, bat-worshipping savages, alleviating my trepidations that they won’t ever be able to find food. The story wraps up with the encounter of a giant bat. Does this sound like a typical western to you? No, and that’s probably why its so grand. And as much as I enjoyed it, it’s the back-up, part two of the Barbary Ghost’s origin, that I liked most of all. Phil Winslade’s art reminds me of a young Steve Epting and classic revenge stories will never get old. Continue reading

The Joker: A Visual History of the Clown Prince of Crime

Need a good coffee table book?

The Joker: A Visual History of the Clown Prince of Crime by David Wallace is about as good as it’s going to get, assuming you like comics, are in tune with pop culture and aren’t afraid of clowns.

I plowed through this 200-page book in one three-hour sitting at Barnes & Noble the other day. As an aside, an elderly woman told me I had “a beautiful face” as I was leaving. Before I even got a chance to thank her for such a wonderful compliment – a compliment that the young and skinny twentysomethings of New York City don’t offer me enough – she said, “I’m old enough that I can say whatever’s on my mind to anyone at all.”

I said I couldn’t WAIT for that day myself, as I already usually say what’s on my mind, but don’t have the excuse of senility to justify it.

Anyway, this new hardcover glosses over it all, from the Joker’s first appearance in Batman #1 all the way up to a 2011 meeting with Lex Luthor in Action Comics #897, and everywhere in between: the campy Batman TV series of the 60s, Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger’s depictions on the big screen, Mark Hammill’s character-defining voiceover work on Batman: The Animated Series and the Arkham video games. Continue reading

Weekly Round-Up

Every week, I’ll briefly update you on the latest from Foogos, and in my own little pop culture bubble of movies, TV, books and what-have-you.


After the last fan poll asking what people would like to see, Skeletor was the surprising write-in winner. Ask and ye shall receive. During an all-nighter in the office on Thursday, the ruler of Snake Mountain was made from soy pudding (reused from the Venom art made the same evening) and blueberry yogurt. Expect to see him on Monday. Continue reading

Green Arrow #1

DC’s “The New 52″ relaunch is in full swing this week. I’ve already taken a peek at Action Comics #1, and was pleasantly surprised by what i found inside. Next up, Green Arrow #1. The man rocks a weak logo, but a sweet belt buckle, and I’ve always been a fan of the more offbeat, B-characters. Well… maybe B+ characters, and that’s where the Arrow fits. This was one of the new #1′s books I was most excited to get. How did it turn out? Read all about it over at Reviewberate. Continue reading

Action Comics #1

Following through with an idea I’ve juggled for quite a bit, I’m going to post regular comicbook reviews here on the site. If you’ve been following Foogos closely, you’ll know that, in a way, it all sorta makes sense. The reviews will all originally be posted on my other website (Am I plagiarizing myself?), the until-right-now dormant Reviewberate.com, which is going to get revamped DC Comics-style. Oh, what a segue… I may make a few additions and subtractions to the text as I see fit for Foogos.

Rating: 4/5

Synopsis: The one and only Grant Morrison (ALL-STAR SUPERMAN) returns to Superman, joined by sensational artist Rags Morales (IDENTITY CRISIS), to bring you tales of The Man of Steel unlike any you’ve ever read! This extra-sized debut issue is the cornerstone of the entire DC Universe!

Writer: Grant Morrison

Artist: Rags Morales

Cover Price: $3.99

Page Count: 40

SPOILERS BELOW Continue reading

Lime Green Lantern

While I was trapped over the weekend, I got a lot of Foogos done.

Here’s DC Comics’ Green Lantern logo, made entirely of limes and rinds.The original plan was to use sliced limes for the green, slice lemons for the white (represented here by the fleshy parts of the lime). I think it would have looked stunning, and I may come back to that idea at some point, but there is no way Hal Jordan, Jon Stewart, Guy Gardner or Kyler Rayner – collectively known as Earth’s Green Lanterns – would ever approve of anything yellow in their logo.

For those of you who aren’t blessed enough to be comicbook nerds, the color yellow is the Green Lantern’s only weakness. Fo’ realz. The guy can dream up anything to save the day, but if Donkey Kong sped down the street in a cab filled with bananas and Pittsburgh Streelers’ urine samples (for performance enhancement drug testing), a collision with the Lantern might kill the guy. So sad…

The Blackberry Knight

Yesterday, I posted the “finished” Batman Foogos. You can see it here. About halfway to that intended finale, though, fate helped me find the REAL Batman Foogos.  And here it is… Continue reading


I freaking love comicbooks. Love them! LOVE.

I spend about $150 a month on comics and graphic novels and trade paperbacks. That number goes as far north as $300 if you factor in the random times I binge on toys, tees and other superhero memorabilia. (At least it’s not drugs. Kids, don’t do drugs.)

You’d think I’d know something, ANYTHING, more about DC Comics’ The Flash than the average person. Sadly, I don’t. Well, not much. He’s fast and the character has been around since, uh… I don’t know, World War Two-ish? I know there has been a Wally West and a Barry Allen behind the mask, though I couldn’t tell you who was first… or currently in the tights. Continue reading