Cesar Romero Returns!

For newer folks to the site, I spent the first 18 months of foo-gos making things from food. Among them were these portraits of Batman characters from the 1966 TV series. The first one I made was Cesar Romero as the Joker in an exclusive for my boy Chris over at foodiggity. (Been a long […]

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Weekly Round-Up

Every week, I’ll briefly update you on the latest from Foogos, and in my own little pop culture bubble of movies, TV, books and what-have-you. SKELETOR IS COMING! After the last fan poll asking what people would like to see, Skeletor was the surprising write-in winner. Ask and ye shall receive. During an all-nighter in […]

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Green Arrow #1

DC’s “The New 52″ relaunch is in full swing this week. I’ve already taken a peek at Action Comics #1, and was pleasantly surprised by what i found inside. Next up, Green Arrow #1. The man rocks a weak logo, but a sweet belt buckle, and I’ve always been a fan of the more offbeat, […]

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Action Comics #1

Following through with an idea I’ve juggled for quite a bit, I’m going to post regular comicbook reviews here on the site. If you’ve been following Foogos closely, you’ll know that, in a way, it all sorta makes sense. The reviews will all originally be posted on my other website (Am I plagiarizing myself?), the […]

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