MONGOS: Montreal Canadiens

The lockout may be over but my vitriol, mania and all-around surly disposition are here to stay. I’ve got to create 52 Foogos in 52 weeks (so far we’re on track, three for three with all new Mongos.) I hope to have a full set of NHL logos (primary or secondary) created from pennies, nickels […]

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MONGOS: Toronto Maple Leafs

The NHL is back. Who cares? I’m already a bitter old man. Here’s the second of 52 Foogos to be delivered this calendar year. It’s another Mongos (money + logos), this time, the NHL’s Toronto Maple Leafs. They should really be called the Make Believes, because after 45 years of ineptitude, there’s not much to […]

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MONGOS: Carolina Hurricanes

It’s New Year’s Day night as I type this, and I’m at my office, three blocks from the NHL’s headquarters on 6th Avenue in New York City. Word on the street is those idiots are knee-deep in a marathon bargaining session to try and save the 2013 season from being wiped away. That’s an insult, […]

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Mongos: Minnesota Wild

So the word on the street is that there is light at the end of the NHL Lockout tunnel. About time, but there’s no reason to get all giddy just yet. If nothing else, we should temper our excitement with anger that its already December with no hockey. And one of the faces of this […]

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Foogos Around the Web

It feels good to see your work scattered across the web. Monday and Tuesday have been two of those when just that has happened. Here’s where Foogos has reared its deformed head across the vastness of cyberspace: Buzzfeed posted 21 Beautifully Geeky Foods, in which the Ninja Turtles pizza drops in at #3, behind a […]

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