Anaheim Ducks

I woke up Friday morning and immediately got cranking on the Anaheim Ducks logo, my 12th in the NHL Foogo series. Anaheim joined the NHL in the 1993-94 season, a franchise owned by Disney, thus the hokey name (that’s hokey, not hockey… a hockey name would be the Aces, Blades, or District Five) –Mighty Ducks of Anaheim – and logo. In 2005, the team came under new ownership (Henry Samueli), and a year later, underwent an aggressive – and successful – re-branding, spearheaded by general manager Brian Burke. Gone was the Donald Duck crest, the not-quite-maroon-but-not-quite-purple and teal palette, replaced by a sleek black and gold sweater with white and orange highlights, the latter an homage to the Ducks’ home of Orange County. The logo was more of a wordmark, which I find to be utterly boring, but stylizing the “D”to resemble the webbed foot of water fowl, that’s creative, and the mark I’ve used for the foogo. (It should be noted that the “D” appears as a solo act on the Ducks’ third/alternate jerseys this year.)


4 eggs, hard boiled

approx. 1/2 cup mayonnaise

2 individual packets of mayonnaise

approx. 1/2 cup mustard

12 packets, ground pepper

2 pinches or shredded cheddar cheese

dash of chili sauce


Sometime last week, I decided that I’d base this entire project on egg salad. Before I get into specifics, my primary goals in creating a new foogo is twofold:

  1. Avoid rehashing the same materials time and again
  2. Match colors as best as possible

Given that criteria, the egg/duck connection was purely serendipitous.

The first step was to hard boil some eggs. Because I hate, HATE, HATE wasting food, I used four eggs that had been sitting in the refrigerator since… well, I don’t know when, but the expiration date came and went sometime in November, so if nothing else, I gave those eggs a greater purpose than they ever could’ve served.

COOKING NOTE: Fill a pot with water and eggs. Bring it to a boil for a minute or so. Turn off the stove. Place a lid over the pot and let it sit for about 13 minutes. Consider your eggs hard boiled.

Two weeks back, there was a meeting at work. Part of client shmoozing includes food, and typically, there are leftovers. Among those leftovers were a couple sandwiches, some fruit and plenty of condiments. While my co-workers reached for the ham and swiss, I snagged plastic containers of mayo, spicy mustard and a raspberry vinaigrette.

I still don’t know what I’ll use the dressing for, but the hoarding of mayo and mustard paid dividends when I added them to my mashed-up eggs this morning.

The egg salad didn’t cover the span as I had hoped, but rather than scaling the piece down, I chose to mix in more condiments to fill the space.

I added the black pepper, which, like everything else, was “pre-owned.” I used about a dozen miniature packets that I’ve been collecting with daily to-go lunches and whatnot.

The white stroke was next. One of the biggest problems I’ve encountered with various spreads and sauces is that they tend to be messy and uncooperative. Too much pressure will splatter them all over the canvas and ruin the whole thing. Fortunately, individual mayo packets (collected the same way as the black pepper) provide a relatively smooth, even layer.

Finally, some cheddar cheese was used for the the orange strip on the logo. I would have rather used carrot shavings, because I feel like cheese has become a crutch of mine (and thus breaks my first rule of foogos), but I didn’t have any carrot. The color of the cheese was similar to the salad, and I wasn’t sure how well the camera would pick it up, so I added some red chili sauce to bump up the contrast a bit.

And there’s the final product, on the kitchen counter of the 1st Avenue apartment affectionately known as the Mouse House. (No rodents were spotted during the creation of this masterpiece.)


  • For the most part, the Ducks foogo was a perfect storm. The egg salad could have been more golden, and adding more mustard would’ve achieved that, but the contrast of ground pepper, which was turned out darker than I expected, helped a lot.
  • I’m excited that I got take the show “on the road” to the Mouse House. The space is tight, and I don’t want to be in anyone’s way, so it’s a rarity to have the entire place to myself, uninterrupted, to be able to execute an entire piece, from prep to clean-up. Chances are, this will be the only foogo produced at Apartment #2.
  • My only disappointment in this piece is that I omitted the grey stroke outlining the entire logo altogether. Admittedly, it has been the toughest color to tackle so far, even more challenging than blue, and that’s saying something. Quick, name a blue food… Blueberries don’t count.

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