Meet Our Sponsor!

I know there hasn’t been a lot of action on the actual artistic front after a wave of new work week after week. But that’s because I’ve been doing a lot of behind-the-scenes legwork before I get into blasting away at the original Los Angeles Kings logo and Phoenix Coyotes logo, co-winners (dammit) of the last poll.

In an exciting announcement, Foogos has gained a strong foothold in legitimacy because we are now officially sponsored by the Mountain Lakes Market in – wait for it – Mountain Lakes, New Jersey. The market is the preeminent destination for locals to get their breakfast, lunch, dinner and catering needs. Know what that means? Unlimited food! Unlimited supplies!

This is like the people over at the Sistine Chapel saying, “Eh, Michelangelo, here’sa alla the painta you coulda possibly use!”

With the financial burden of producing quality Foogos off my back, the best is yet to come!

And back to the Market, if you’re ever within a 50 mile radius, go out of your way and head over for a Taylor ham and cheese sandwich, a bowl of chili, maybe a grilled chicken platter. Regardless of what you order, your belly will leave a happy camper. Getting a story out of executive chef Mike Schmitt will be worth the trip in itself. Trust me. I worked him for five years. Crazy guy. Great friend.

Thanks for the faith in the project, Mike!

Here’s some press on the Market and the official site.

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