Avengers Assemble

A friendly reminder that tomorrow we unveil the Captain America Foogos in time for the new movie. And on a related note, to continue with the superhero theme running alongside the MLB hot dog Foogos, and sticking with the Star Spangled Avenger, why not pay homage to the rest of the team?

Here is the Avengers logo I plan on Foogosizing, but there’s just one little snag. Colors.

The icon appears in some capacity on ever Avengers-related title on the shelf today (Avengers, Secret Avengers, Mighty Avengers, New Avengers, Avengers Academy).

Captain America & the Secret Avengers #1
Avengers #12
Avengers Academy #6

The color scheme varies with the cover, so for the most part, I have carte blanche as to how I want to go about this and thought I’d open it up to you, the readers.

Leave a comment here, at the Facebook Page or on Twitter, picking your Avengers logo color scheme.

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