ThunderCats are Loose!

ThunderCats was one of the preeminent shows for any child of the 80s. Well, for us real kids it was. I know a few people who don’t remember ThunderCats or never watched it, and I tend to believe they are without pulse, beating heart or soul.

All I wanted out of life was to be Lion-O. Is it too much to ask to be placed into a shuttle to escape my exploding homeworld only to land on a faraway planet while my boyish body gracefully aged twenty years because my stasis pod wasn’t properly secured?

I could go on and on about the glory that is ThunderCats… Tigra as the gay one, Panthro as the token black guy, Cheetara as the first hot cartoon character I can remember, Snarf and the Wilys being the most obnoxious tag-alongs you could hope for… and for all that, you can go here.

But here at Foogos, my pot is bubbling over for the impending debut of a brand new ThunderCats series on Cartoon Network (Friday, 8pm!). Yes, a lot of cherished childhood memories have been tarnished in recent years thanks to idiots who have a passion for money and not for product. The Transformers and G.I. Joe movies stand out in particular. But this is different.

Precedence alone puts my mind at ease for what to expect from the re-imagining of my favorite felines. CN’s reboot of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe a few years ago was sublime, but it never got a fair shake. The Star Wars Clone Wars series garnered tons of positive press, and in general, most of the network’s original programming over the last decade as been top notch. (Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, Cow & Chicken, Powerpuff Girls… I can go on and on.)

Bu if that’s not enough to quell your doubts, check this preview:

Or this one.

I think my heart grew three sizes this day. And what better way to commemorate my excitement than by giving these exiled Thunderians the good ole Foogos treatment?

For this piece, I sliced cherries and strawberries, much like I did with The Flash Foogos. Then I slathered a thin layer of honey flavored Greek yogurt around the perimeter, before tossing the entire mess into a blender, adding more honey, some ice, and a peach, and making a delicious (though slightly sour, thanks Greek yogurt) smoothie.

I also think I discovered I’m allergic to cherries. My throat got that oncoming-cold scratchiness to it after I ate a few. Then again, maybe I should have washed the fruit…

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