Are You Ready for Some Football?

I want to say thanks again to everyone who’s been saving and donating their beer caps to me for an as-of-now-unannounced Foogos project. And by “as-of-now-unannounced,” I mean, “announced-after-this-sentence.”

Once I have an ample collection of bottle caps, I’ll go through all of them, probably wash’em one more time, and then separate them all by brand/color. If that sounds tedious, I can empathically state that it will be. I’ve already done it with around 60-80 caps in one sitting, and it was painstaking, so I can only imagine what a few thousand will be like.Once I’m at that point, whichever colors I have the most of will dictate the NFL team I Foogosize. Chances are, none of this will even happen until the late fall, or even the winter. Hell, it might be a year. I’m in no rush with this project, and quite frankly, I’m still working on an angle to make this more than just a run-of-the-mill bottle cap art piece. I’ve seen some really cool ones in the past, but cap art is cap art. This is my open challenge to myself to make something greater. Here’s some cap inspiration I arbitrarily found on the Web:


Got any links to other cool bottle cap art I can use as inspiration? Share them in the comments section of this blog, or over at the official Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages. Thanks!

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