Robin, the Fruit Wonder

You might think it’s blasphemy for me to debut a Robin Foogos before a Batman Foogos, but let me clarify one thing: the Batman art is already done, and I happen to think it’s so badass that it’ll blow this one out of the water, so to use a pro wrestling analogy, I’d rather save Bats for the main event and let Robin be the curtain jerker.
As with the other superhero Foogos, this piece is comprised entirely of fruit. I used something like nine or ten strawberries, half a container of blueberries, and a peach.

I’m over strawberries for two reasons:
1. I feel like they are quickly becoming a fruit Foogos crutch when I need something red, and
2. they don’t cover that much area.

Slice a strawberry long ways and you’re going to end up with a gaping hole in the middle of the fruit, so you end up using twice as many berries as you’d like to fill a certain amount of space. It’s annoying.

Blueberries aren’t much better. I’ve come to realize over the last eight months (has it been that long already?!?) that any food that doesn’t lay flat is a challenge to work work. Blueberries, which in an alternate reality could be called blue balls, are about as difficult as they come. I slice them in half and lay the flat side down, making them easier to place and still creating the illusion of a round berry. The good thing about this tedious process is that unlike strawberries, a sliced blueberry now covers twice the area. But still, they suck to work with.

The peaches I don’t mind.I made the art on Sunday night and once I snapped some pics, tossed the ingredients into a blender and left it all in the fridge until i was hungry on Monday morning. I added ice and some leftover Ghostbusters yogurt and wound up with a pretty good batch of smoothies.

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