Toronto Blue Jays

The thought of incorporating the words wrapped around the circle crossed my mind. Immediately after, teh thought of shooting myself flashed through my brain.I think it’s obvious I’m in love with making superhero Foogos, and while I still have one more comic book piece to unveil this week, I’m going to save the Hellboy art for later. In the meantime, I will share my other love: Canada.

I feel like a traitor to the USA, and don’t get me wrong, we’re still the best country on Earth, but hot diggity dog, how I love me some Canada. The girls, the people who are not girls (their title slips my mind right now), Montreal, Vancouver, and especially their awesome sports teams/logos.

With today’s Toronto Blue Jays Foogos, I have now completed 100% of Major League Baseball’s current and former Great White North teams. So I can check that off my list of things to do.God, keep our land glorious and free.The cool thing about this is that I get to use onions. I used a raw white onion for the Phillies Foogos back in July, but not sauteed. So I cut up a red onion, threw half on the skillet and the other half was used for the crown of the jay. The latter part was a tedious process because only one side of the onion is actually red (purple), so the placement was very deliberate. Three of the four pieces I’m releasing this week, though, included some level of patience and intricacies yet to be seen in other Foogos, so if nothing else, as the overall project evolves, it’s getting a little more intense.

And finally, I leave you all today with these closing words: “Hi, Monica.”

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