Green Arrow #1

DC’s “The New 52” relaunch is in full swing this week. I’ve already taken a peek at Action Comics #1, and was pleasantly surprised by what i found inside. Next up, Green Arrow #1. The man rocks a weak logo, but a sweet belt buckle, and I’ve always been a fan of the more offbeat, B-characters. Well… maybe B+ characters, and that’s where the Arrow fits. This was one of the new #1’s books I was most excited to get. How did it turn out? Read all about it over at Reviewberate.

As far as Foogos goes, thee isn’t a whole lot to work with as far as Green Arrow art. The title treatment is nice, but it doesn’t have any sort of iconic feel the way Hellboy or the long0-standing Uncanny X-Men looks do.

The funny thing is, I’ve noticed that DC characters have much better symbols than their Marvel counterparts, which is especially weird, considering the latter’s host of popular characters, which I feel dwarfs those of Distinguished Competition.

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