Weekly Round-Up

Every week, I’ll briefly update you on the latest from Foogos, and in my own little pop culture bubble of movies, TV, books and what-have-you.


After the last fan poll asking what people would like to see, Skeletor was the surprising write-in winner. Ask and ye shall receive. During an all-nighter in the office on Thursday, the ruler of Snake Mountain was made from soy pudding (reused from the Venom art made the same evening) and blueberry yogurt. Expect to see him on Monday.

The sudden influx of viewers and followers has motivated me to slam on the gas as far as creative output is concerned. Fortunately, the budding NFL pizza project isn’t too complicated. In fact, after a brief hiatus following last week’s Green Bay Packers logo, I’ve got THREE in the can, ready to release during the week. In no particular order, you’ll see the Kansas City Chiefs, Denver Broncos and New York Giants.

Speaking of the NFL… I’m getting to a point in the cap collection where I can start sifting through the bags and organizing my take. Then I can determine what I want to make with them all. Originally, I planned on NFL logos, but I think about to hit my stride with NFL pizza creations and I’m not sure I want to double dip. Then again, the cap art is something I plan on selling, so I need to think about what people might want.

I was disappointed there was no new ThunderCats episode on Friday night. How pathetic is that? After an 18 hour shift in the office that let me out at 6:30 AM, I just didn’t have the energy to do much else… At least I got to see WWE Smackdown. Cody Rhodes and Mark Henry are two of the best things going in the WWE right now. If only there were two world championship belts. Oh wait… Hard to believe NHL hockey is already back. I really haven’t been following too much over the summer, but I’ll post my season predictions sometime in the next few weeks.

A lot of good comics came out this week. I will need to catch up on reviewing them all over at my sister site, Reviewberate. (I need clones.) DC Comics is doing some wonderful stuff with The New 52. Animal Man and Detective are my early favorites, but I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed Demon Knights… Almost done with Son of Tarzan on the iPad. It was free, so beggers can’t be choosers, but this has been a struggle, especially after the first two Tarzan books, which I both found brisk and enjoyable… Patrick Roy’s biography, written by his father, has some cool facts, like how the family went on a Floridian vacation and ran into a fortune telling machine. Patrick received his fortune and the next day, woke up as a toy developer in New York City. Wait, that’s something else. Patrick’s fortune revealed his lucky number was 51. Later that year, he was drafted 51st overall by the Montreal Canadiens. Weird.

I went to the New York Renaissance Faire to people watch with a couple buddies yesterday. They tricked me into buying a Dr. Doom helmet. All I know is that NO GOOD can/will come from this. I DO have every intention of recouping my money by panhandling in Times Square while wearing the mask.

The moment I found out how much I overpaid for this still-awesome helmet. (Yes, Doom is a well-renowned Winnipeg Jets fan.)

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