Flashback: Chicago Blackhawks

You know how sometimes you hear a song and it reminds you of a moment in time that you remember so perfectly clear? Art is the same way. Well, at least if you’re the one making the art. That’s the case with this Chicago Blackhawks Foogos I created way back in January or February.

It was one of the earlier pieces I made, and I went with a hot dog theme. I hate to say it, but it’s better than any of the hot dog themed work I subsequently built with the MLB Foogos.

This Hawks logo, their secondary mark (the sweet shoulder patch), goes the whole nine yards: hot dogs (they were actually turkey dogs stuffed with cheddar cheese…friggin’ delicious), pickles, mushrooms, sauerkraut and a ton of ketchup. I went to Jersey to visit my folks on one of those miserable winter weekends, and I built the whole damn thing at midnight in the kitchen. If you ever wondered what you would do with yourself if you were sober on any given Saturday night, wonder no more.

(In my defense, I rarely drink anymore, and its all a part of some serious marathon training. That night was one of the many dry weekends leading up to the New Jersey Marathon when I finished in 3:08:something.)

On a related note, the Chicago Blackhawks are my favorite NHL team for the 2011-12 season. Chicago native and Foogos fan Jimmy K. offered to buy my fanhood for the entire year. I agreed on a final contract valued at $20, with a $20 signing bonus to be used toward the purchase of a Blackhawks cap or shirt. (I’ll most likely go with a tee.) I will need to watch and listen to as many games as possible, read up on all the game recaps and learn the player name and numbers, as well as post a weekly Hawks-related Facebook status. I’m already going at it on Twitter, occasionally praising my boys at @FoogosArt.

So consider it fair warning to see a ton of extraneous Blackhawks coverage until July 1st, when I’ll be a free agent once more. And then we can discuss what it will take for me to root for the New York Rangers. It better be a very strong bank account with deep pockets inside its pockets.

Coming tomorrow: the Punisher!

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