Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is Columbus Day in America, which has become a somewhat dubious holiday, since the facts every 1988 first grade teacher indoctrinated thousands of impressionable youths with have since been proven to be categorically false. (Psst, he actually didn’t discover America at all!)

But it’s also Thanksgiving in Canada, and while I’m not actually Canadian, I like to pretend I am, because I grew up in and around the NHL culture. I also occasionally tell strange girls I meet in New York City bars that I grew up on an ice farm outside of Winnipeg.

Anyway, because it is Thanksgiving, here are just some of the people I want to thank for their help in bringing Foogos to where it is today, less than ten months since its inception:

There’s no particular order to this list, except for the first person, my friend Lorian, who happens to be a native Vancouverian. When I first started posting random NHL food logos to my personal Facebook wall, she was the one who suggested I start a blog detailing the ins and outs of “painting” with food.I’m not sure I would have ever started this site if she didn’t specifically ask for it. Chicks… they be my weakness.

My brother Steve and buddies Brad and Jellybean have been the three most vociferous supporters of Foogos, always with the liking, retweeting, reblogging, etc. I’m also grateful for the support from Sam, my uncle Rik, cousin Emily, Foggy, Ninja Nick, everyone I know named Mike, and for all the compliments, kind words and other undeserving superlatives my kith and kin have thrown my way from time to time. It’s both flattering and humbling to have your friends, family and co-workers so firmly behind your twisted projects.

Cheers to Wally and Ed for helping photograph some of the work. On the rare occasions I have them shoot for me, it’s pretty obvious, since Ed’s shots & Wally’s lighting put mine to shame.

There has been a spate of favorable press across the interwebs lately, and I’d like to thank,,, @DownGoesBrown, Pee-Wee Herman (yes, THAT Pee-Wee Herman),, and all the foreign sites that Google Translate has confirmed to have written nice things. Steel Town Magazine, a Pittsburgh e-zine, was first though, so a special thank you to Carlo Prati for jumping aboard before we even really set sail.


I’d be remiss to forget to shout out my generous sponsors, the Mountain Lakes Market, in Mountain Lakes, New Jersey. Without them, this would be a much more expensive undertaking for me.

When I’m not Foogosing at the Market (or at work), my mom’s kitchen and groceries are my playthings. I’m still shocked that she lets her adult son raid her fridge and ransack the kitchen to play with food. When I first made that Flyers logo, I really expected to get an earful for “wasting perfectly good roast beef.” (By the way, these are the kinds of conversations that would only occur under the roof of my family’s home.) As for my dad, he’s always encouraged my artistic tendencies, so thanks for that, to the both of them. I’ll say thanks to my brother Nick, too, cuz he’s alright.

My cousin Amy has been a big cheerleader and even supplied me with a ton of junk food that she wanted to get away from her toddler son. Sorry, Brobot, but these Snickers belong to Uncle Scott now.

Big ups to everyone who has taken the time to collect bottle caps for something I still haven’t figured out yet: the Spadas, Fitzpatricks, Rick, and The Stump.

And obviously, many thanks to everyone who takes the time to read, retweet, view and share my art, especially all the people who have liked the Facebook page and been active there. It sounds weird, but when I see someone click the LIKE button – be it on a specific photo, blog entry, gallery or the Foogos page as a whole – it really does energize me, like I’m doing something right. Quite frankly, I’m shocked to have hit 300. Thank you, everyone.

So back to the impetus for this gushing of thanks: Canadian Thanksgiving. I used three packets of maple and brown sugar oatmeal and a LOT of cinnamon to create this Canadian flag:Then, as usual, I ate the hell out of it. Normally, I might feel bad about eating so much in one sitting, but I just got in from a 12-mile run, so no worries on that front.

TOMORROW: Meet the Muppets!

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