Foogos Food Drive

Foogos Food Drive

Today, I planned on sharing a gallery detailing the steps taken to create the Pee-Wee Herman condiment portrait, a process that also holds true for Tuesday’s Lady Gaga artwork. That can wait, because I want to gab about something far more important.

For anyone who has perused this site, its no secret that I LOATHE the wasting of food. Yeah, I make a mess, an abomination, a disasterpiece with my food every time I get near a kitchen, but I don’t ever waste it. So I guess, by default, my cause – assuming everyone has ONE cause – is the fight against hunger.

With all the food we waste everyday – visit ANY restaurant or fast food chain garbage can for visual aid – we could probably feed everyone in America. It’s more than annoying when I really think about it, but anyway, until the day we are all without want, we have food drives.

The Foogos Food Drive is a two-pronged attack on hunger, starting NOW.

I would love it if you could donate to Feeding America, “the nation’s leading domestic hunger-relief charity.” The Foogos Food Drive page is modestly set to attain a goal of $1000. To find out more about Feeding America, click here.

I am collecting non-perishable items to be donated to the Community Food Bank of New Jersey through November, 20th. Currently, the collection centers are at the Mountain Lakes Market, in Mountain Lakes, NJ, and 1285 Avenue of the Americas in New York City. If you are bringing canned goods to the New York address, you MUST call (212) 459-5875 IN ADVANCE to schedule a drop-off.

My goal here is to get 400 lbs of canned goods. That’s one pound for every pound of muscle on my scorching body.

So there you have it. Two ways to donate. Please help out any way you can.

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