The Making Of: Pee-Wee Portrait

Y’know, I really wanted to do a time lapse video for the Lady Gaga and Pee-Wee Herman Foogos I made this week. In classic Scott fashion, I forgot my video camera when I went to the Mountain Lakes Market. So I did the next best thing and took some pics during the making of the Pee-Wee Herman portrait.

Before I get into that though, a quick explanation. To start, I found a photo I wanted to use for both Gaga and Pee-Wee. I then sketched a few thumbnails of each photo to get the general gist of the shapes. Then I go big, and draw a loose sketch one last time to full size, about 20×20. There are a ton of lines on these dirty sketches, and to save myself some confusion, I trace the final drawing on a piece of wax paper superimposed over the original dirty sketch. Boom. There is the basis for which I add the condiments. (I think comic book artists do something similar, but I’m not positive.)

Not only is wax paper good to use for tracing over my old drawings, it never absorbs the condiments. Regular paper would soak in all the sauces and leave a disgusting mess, making it impossible to use the condiments again. And that’s just wasteful.

On with the show:

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