Jason Voorhees is Chicken (Salad)

Saturday was a crazy day. I went to Jersey to visit the Mountain Lakes Market and make some art. Midway through my project, the power went out. I peeked out a window and saw a blanket of white accompanied by the sound of trees cracking and snapping under the weight. Two words sum up a heavy snowstorm in October: Halloween. Nightmare.

Fittingly, I was working on a Jason Voorhees mask at the time. Friday the 13th used to scare the living hell out of me. I was too petrified to watch that movie all the way through, but at least I knew the real killer from the original was Jason’s crazy mother. That’s pop culture 101, and so many people don’t know that.

I pureed chunky chicken salad – my all-time favorite Market item – to cover more surface area. I added Portobello mushroom bits for the ventilation holes and eye sockets and a roasted red pepper for the simple paint job on the mask.

TANGENT: I think the scariest thing about Jason was his lack of facial expressions. The mask’s shape lent itself to have an almost disinterested expression. Something about that is unnerving. Ditto for Mike Myers.

It all looked a bit flat to me, and way too bright, so I added a pepper and oregano mixture to add depth and create a darker, dirtier look.

Happy Halloween, peeps! Have fun, be safe and save me your Almond Joys.

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