ll give McDonald’s this much as credit: when I popped in after scoring a whopping 13 canvasses for under $45 in the same strip mall on New Year’s Eve eve, I was ensnared by the aromas. Mickie Dee’s poison smells outstanding.

It’s weird; the food that happens to be quite possibly the worst garbage you could ever place within your body is what smells the absolute best.

No, you can noz haz cheezburger.
Nor fries...
Just reaffirming that you cannot have fries. Back in MY day, there was no nutrition information on fast food, and I'm not fat.

TANGENT: Before I go off on a rant, I am firmly AGAINST any sort of legislation that forces McDonald’s to serve healthier fare, or prohibit them from including toys in Happy Meals to get kids fat. Take some responsibility for yourselves, and fast food won’t be a factor in your health. Amen.

I wanted to ask the slow-looking fella sitting next to the trash if I could have his cheese burger wrapper, but I felt too awkward about it, and sifting through the garbage at McDonald’s is beneath even my poor standards of decorum. So in addition to the large fries I ordered, I was forced into scooping a cheese burger myself.

I was about to break one of my rules: either I’d waste food (though I question if that’s really what this stuff is) or cry myself to sleep for eating a McDonald’s burger and fries. Luckily, I have brothers! So everyone wins! Nick gets a burger. Steve gets fries (soaked in ketchup, as you saw yesterday), and I get my wrapper and artwork. Booya.

The bottom right of the arch is too stubby.

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