Femen Protests Stuff Topless

WARNING: Some of the following links and photos contain graphic imagery of half-naked women.

Valentine’s Day has come a day late for me, as lovely ladies protest outside the International Ice Hockey Federation base in Zurich.

Even though they took the time to write their signs in English, I still don’t really know what they’re protesting. So we turn to English Russia for an explanation and more photos of angry, topless girls who are topless.

I’m surprised I haven’t about Femen sooner, as these ladies are apparently really busy.Here’s more on their goals:

Established in 2008 by a group of Kyiv university students, Femen now comprises an estimated 300 members, mainly students, who are prepared to go topless in public in support of women’s rights, Reuters reports. Anna Hutsol, Femen’s 26-year-old leader, says the group’s main aims are to improve the role of women in Ukraine’s male-dominated, post-Soviet society. –YouTube

On a  personal note, my childhood neighbor Walter, the most fiercely nationalistic Ukranian I’ve ever known – and the only Ukranian I’ve ever known – is probably overjoyed at this, just because he gets to see the word “Ukraine” in print. In other news, I am disgusted that topless blondes remind me of my childhood neighbor Walter.

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