Old School WWF Logo

I’m back in Jersey this weekend to:

1. do something in the woods

2. watch WrestleMania

3. and pick up my mail, which includes a stack of comics, 12 lbs of gummi bears (for more Foogos) and 3 CDs by Queen (Queen, Hot Space, The Miracle).

When I told my mom about my three-pronged mission, she grew suspicious enough that I had to assure her I wasn’t in a cult or anything. When I told my buddy Brad, he specifically requested I tell him no more, because the less he knows, the less likely he will be charged with whatever crime I’m about to commit.

Meanwhile, “Calling All Girls,” “Scandal” and “Great King Rat” have been on a constant loop for over 16 hours.

In case you’re wondering, I fucking love Queen. One of my two regrets in life is not being in attendance (or alive) for The Miracle on Ice and not being old enough to see Queen in concert, preferably at Live Aid. I blame my parents for these shortcomings.

In honor of WrestleMania, I wanted to get back into the groove of making some Foogos and FINALLY knock out the classic old school WWF logo from the 80s and early 90s. Not to mention I wanted to practice pizza spinning. My mom recommended I watch a YouTube tutorial, citing that she fixed her coffee pot that way. I replied that I once used YouTube to perform open heart transplant… on myself. And that’s when she left the house. Good thing, too. Here’s the How To video I found on spinning dough:

After I burned down her house and backs of my legs, my second attempt at twirling pizza was much more successful. Oh, and I like the way the WWF logo came out, too.I’m still working on getting a perfectly round pie.

I’ve made a few Foogos incorporating melted cheese, like the Super Bowl Pizzas (I can’t believe I never added those final photos… whoops), Hellboy chili, and most famously, the Ninja Turtles pizza. Nothing has ever come close to retaining its shape the way this has.It was either burnt cheese or really raw crust…

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