Retweeted by the NHL

No secret that I’ve been in a big pro wrestling kick lately. While my neck heals from a series of random injuries, I’m debating whether I’m too old and broken – at 30, I’m no spring chicken – to pursue the urge to train/go pro. I mean, I’m already knee deep in running a marathon in every state (and probably every Canadian province), so its not like there’s a lack of athletics in my life. But Christ, wrestling is so so fun…

I wanted to go to CHIKARA, but after selling my car (Do you really need a car in New York City? Let me answer for you. No.) and my brother transferring to a college far away form the City of Brotherly Love, they’re out. So my only option right now is Gleason’s in Brooklyn, where Tommy Dreamer and Tazz got their start. Needless to say, I am not built like either of them.

The point of this long prologue? Well, with all this squared circle on the brain, I’ve been pretty far removed from my work with food. What had ballooned to a thrice weekly endeavor is now closer to once a month.

During my procrastination at work tonight, I spied the hashtag #DrawNHL, and figured, what the hell. It was a good avenue to promote some food art. I arbitrarily went with the Ottawa Senators PB&J logo and damn. What a response. Nothing energizes me more than positive reinforcement brought on by a retweet from the National Hockey League and all the ensuing messages I’m getting after reaching such a massive audience.

It really makes me want to play with food. Off the top of my head, I’ve got about 10 teams to make. I think I’ll get on that this weekend. Thanks for the love, peoples.

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Half-artist, half-fish, half-monkey, the Mojo has defied logic, gravity and superiors in four different decades! This is his life, unfiltered, unrefined, underwear.

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