Nine Pound Army

9 lbs of gummi bears spread out on a counter top.

I’ve had to crack open 9 lbs (3 bags) of Haribo gummi bears to create the triumvirate of 1966 Batman portraits. The actual amount of bears used is closer to 6 lbs, but because the colors are assorted, I needed to dip into a third bag to acquire more reds (for Batman) over the weekend. I still have one bag in reserve, all of which I purchased from Amazon for a paltry $29.72.

On the one hand, there’s a part of me that asks, “Why am I wasting $30 on freaking gummi bears?” But when I see the results, I’m satisfied, and I’m getting multiple uses from that $30 investment. To date, I’ve got three gummi portraits completed, with a fourth on the way (Catwoman) sometimes this weekend (I hope). Additionally, when I paint, my materials (canvas, acrylics) easily eclipse that amount, so again, money well spent as far as I’m concerned.

Moving on, here are some cool photos of this nine pound chewy army:

Based on the predominantly red and orange foreground, I’m guessing this baseline view is of the Batman portrait.

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