Annabelle & The Prince: Pages 1-2

A few months ago, I got in contact with a writer by the name of Rick Pipito – I really don’t even remember how this all came about – and I was looking to expand the horizons for Foogos and hoped to add a food-based pin-up to his latest graphic novel anthology under his sCrypt Comics imprint.

That plan quickly became an undertaking in illustrating an entire story in 7 pages of food, and it was soon apparent I had bitten off more than I could chew. (Get it? Food art… bite off more than I could chew? I kill me. No. Seriously. These puns will eventually force me into suicide.) (Okay, not seriously.)

With food out of the question, I’ve been looking for inspiration in how to draw these pages, making them unique, stand-out pieces, and after an entire sketchbook of drawings and doodles, I think I got it while I was procrastinating on the interwebs. I readily admit, this entire style of digital drawing is not something I came up with. The credit (as it pertains to my exposure, at least) goes to Mathew Reynolds, who created some awesomely compelling Indiana Jones silhouetted pieces.

Here are the first two pages (mostly finished) of the story I’m illustrating for the “Bones at Breakfast” anthology, titled Annabelle and the Prince:

I’m drawing these digitally, using InDesign CS5, compiling original photographs into full page spreads. This shot is taken from a handful of angles of Belvedere Castle at Central Park, a flower from a local New York City florist, and a photo of my girlfriend (for lack of a better word) posing for me. She complained her hair looked terrible, even after I explained the photos were going to be redrawn as silhouettes. Sigh… chicks, man.

In this particular shot, she was reaching for a dog toy to simulate the flower.

I may add ivy to the blank grey castle wall here, but that area is also where I’m placing the copy block, so the dead space probably won’t matter. It’ll be a game time decision. Drawing that barren bush was a bitch to do, but well worth it.

So that’s two down, five to go.

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