Cereal Killer: Corn Pops

It’s been while since I have killed a new box of cereal, but trust me, I’ve been devouring the stuff. It’s just that its usually Shredded Wheat, Cinnamon Toast Crunch – oh god the Cinnamon Toast Crunch – and Kashi. I ate two boxes of Corn Pops this week, and I feel gross, but seriously, dude, it’s $1.97 a box at Rite Aid! (Yes, Rite Aid, of all places, is my go-to for cheap cereal.)

Corn Pops: Front

Corn Pops: Back

Victims of Shredded Wheat, the Cereal Killer:

Special K
Kashi Go Lean Crunch
Honey Bunches of Oats (with REAL Strawberries!)

Honey Roasted Honey Bunches of of Oats

Banana Nut Cheerios

Cinnamon Burst Cheerios
Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Frosted Mimi Wheats (Bite Size)
Special K: Low Fat Granola
Count Chocula
Scrunchy Marshmallow Dreams
Fruity Pebbles
Basic Four

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Half-artist, half-fish, half-monkey, the Mojo has defied logic, gravity and superiors in four different decades! This is his life, unfiltered, unrefined, underwear.

11 thoughts on “Cereal Killer: Corn Pops”

    1. I would LOVE to see some of your UK cereal boxes! I haven’t even scratched the surface of what kinds of cereals I’m gonna post here. I thought about saving the boxes for posterity, but the Internet is a godsend when it comes to stupid clutter I really don’t need.

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