LETTERS PAGE: Transformers MTMTE #6

For a comic book fan, few things are as exciting as seeing your name in print within the letters page of  a title you love. Last week, I had TWO such experiences. I hardly ever write to comic books, but sometimes, I have nothing to do at work. Clearly, I was in a zone whenever I wrote these two gems, featured in Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #6, and X-Factor #238. One thing I noticed in both my letters is that I made some nifty food comparisons. I think its a sign from God that I need to continue basing my life around food (Foogos, photos of dinner, etc) for good things to happen.

Here’s the Transformers letter:

Transformers: The Movie is in my top five of all-time. Not animated. Not comic. Just straight-up all-time favorite movies. And to anyone who laughs at that, one proper noun comes down like a hammer over their feeble heads: Orson Welles. End game. Prime vs. Megatron… best fight scene ever.

Anyway, that’s the kind of Transformers fan I am, the guy still wishing it was 1986 for my robots in disguise.

Fast forward, I’m in the comics shop and catch a glimpse of… no way… The Death of Optimus Prime splashed across a cover. It was 1986 again, and all I wanted to do was go home, read this book and try to figure out how to transform Six Shot in every possible way without instructions. Sure, you sorta pulled the ole bait-and-switch, but I’d be an idiot if I thought Prime was really dead. Before his ship even took off for the cosmos, I could already here the voiceover:

“The battle is over, but the galaxy-spanning adventure of The Transformer will continue, and the greatest Autobot of them all, Optimus Prime, will return.”

And I tentatively thought, Okay, I’m back. And that’s how I decided to purchase More Than Meets the Eye. As it turns out, all that time I missed? Doesn’t matter, because no one in this motley crew seems to know each other anyway! It’s like we’re all in it together. Major praise for James Roberts’ creative vision to actually follow through on a purported accessible comic.

Would it help that I knew the details of Cyclonus’ Decepticonian defection? Or why Whirl (who I’m not even familiar with) is a psychopath? Whatever. These two issues have been so terrific that I hardly care, and the information provided is enough to get me by.

Not to leave Alex Milne hanging… I’ve never been big into manga or anime, and this art smells of it – but it’s a good aroma, like Andouille sausage baked into Pepper Jack and cheddar macaroni and cheese. It’s actually kinda euphoric. I mean Milne’s art… and the sausage mac & cheese.

Sorry for the incredibly disjointed train of thought, but the joy is seeping from my pores right now.

And their response:

Glad to have you back, Scott! As you say, many of the characters in MTMTE are new to the comics universe, so you’re not at a disadvantage. But if you do feel like finding out more about the “touchstone” events that MTMTE occasionally references, check out the Last Stand of the Wreckers collected edition. You might also want to hunt down the series of trade paperbacks reprinting IDW’s original ongoing Transformers series. Events in Volume 5: Chaos Theory will be revisited during the three-part epic, “Shadowplay,” that begins in MTMTE issue 9.

I’ll add the X-Factor letter, and its delicious food reference, later.

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