LETTERS PAGE: X-Factor #238

Earlier today, I posted my letter from Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye. I found the X-Factor letter in the back of the newest issue (#238) the SAME DAY as the T’Formers’ one. I’ve seen some of my sparsely-written commentaries printed before (issues of She-Hulk, Astounding Wolf-Man, GI Joe and most recently, Lobster Johnson: The Burning Hand #5), and every time, its a massive thrill, but two in a single day? Insane in the membrane.

Okay, nerds, here it is:

Peter & Co,

First off, before I forget, let me get it out there that the art on this title is consistently good, regardless of who is taking on the pencilling chores. Who decides what artists are in the rotation? Does Peter get a say in it, based on the mood of the story he wants to convey?

Regardless of how that works, Peter David’s X-Factor is the eggplant parmesan of comics! And let me tell you about E.P. If you prepped a tray of Eggie P. and left it under a heat lamp for a few hours, then scraped off all the melted/reformed mozzarella and placed it into little baggies for resale, I would buy them all. When I go to barbeques, I ask if E.P. is on the  menu, and if it isn’t I BYOEP. Then I slide a slice of the cheesy, veggie, crumbly goodness between a burger and its bun, et voila, HEAVEN. And that, Peter David, is how I feel about you and your book, X-Factor. The hamburger of my life is pretty great as is, but when I add the X-Factor eggplant parm into the mix, it’s STUPENDOUS. Can’t be beat.

#235 is another great example. After 20 years of following the X-books on and off, it looks like we’re inching ever so close to a resolution of the Longshot/Shatterstar connection. To date, I don’t have a flipping clue what their deal is, and I own all the mid-90s issues in question that relate to them. I shut down and repeat, “Let Peter take care of it,” while I rock back and forth in spastic fashion.

I’m not so into this Havok/Madrox dynamic, though. Havok, you are the jabberjawing aunt I have to muscle through in order to get my plate of eggplant parm. Stop talking and go away. I feel like the rest of the group sold Madrox out by going along with Alex at all (even if they have all hated Jamie at one time or another).

Oh, finally, LOVE the way Guido’s souless-ness is expressed via film critiques.

Until X-Factor becomes the Olive Garden, make mine extra cheesy.

Peter David’s response:

Lot of stuff to cover, Scott, so I’ll try to be as efficient as possible. 1) Deciding who’s doing the art on any given issue is entirely in Daniel and Jordan’s capable hands. They get the script and decide who would be best suited, and I think you’ll agree they haven’t missed a call yet. 2) “Inching” closer is right. Things unfold on their own time here at Marvel. Took us a few decades to fill in Wolverine’s background, right? All things to those who wait. 3) That’s a little harsh, Scott: no one sold out Madrox. They thought he was dead. Cut poor Alex a little slack; guy’s been spaced out for a while. 4) Thanks to you, I’m craving Italian food and it’s 12:30 at night, so thanks a lot.

This isn’t the first time über-writer extraordinaire Peter David has acknowledged the rumblings of my pen and stomach:

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