TMNTThere’s really nothing noir about this painting. It just happens to be black and white. (I do love me some Fatale and Criminal, the comic series by Ed Brubaker. And Payback is one of my favorite movies of all-time. Crazy, right? On a more mainstream note, I’ve got Chinatown in the DVD player as we speak. Jack Nicholson is never not creepy.)

No secret how much I love the Turtles. I’m bringing this 30×24 acrylic canvas with me to the Asbury Park Comic Con. You can get tickets here.

I made this Thursday morning. From sketch to finished paint, it took all of three hours (if that), which is like no time at all. I was feeling productive, and got dressed to visit the grocery store and buy some Foogos supplies. I realized I left my keys on the bed the moment my door slammed shut behind me, locking me out like Flint Flintstone. In all, I lost about three hours. The gods were clearly angry that this one came together so quickly for me…

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Half-artist, half-fish, half-monkey, the Mojo has defied logic, gravity and superiors in four different decades! This is his life, unfiltered, unrefined, underwear.

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