NJBA: Wonder Woman!


I painted this real quick as a bonus gift to the person who bought Red Fraggle. It was just a little “Thank you” to someone who has purchased a couple things from me, and supported my work for a while. I try to take care of those who take of me, and I’m a firm believer in “added value.”

Other examples of ADDED VALUE I believe in:

When I give you a $10 bill, and you give me change for a twenty. ADDED VALUE!

When I’m at a restaurant, and the waiter says, “Hey, we made this extra plate of crabcakes. Would like them?” ADDED VALUE!

When the conductor forgets to punch my train ticket, so I can use it tomorrow. ADDED VALUE!

When the baby poops, and I’m changing her diaper, and she continues to poop, which looks a lot like something slowly spitting out of the Play Doh Mop-Top Hairshop. Oh, wait, I don’t like this. Which reminds me…

And some examples of ADDED VALUE I don’t believe in:

When I buy a brand new Ford Focus with 6 miles on it, and there is a MASSIVE stain of unknown origins (from the Ultimate Warrior’s hometown, Parts Unknown) in the driver’s seat.

When I buy a brand new Ford Focus, leave the dealership, and wake up the next morning to figure out how to program some of the gadgets in the car, and I have NO OWNER’S MANUAL IN THE GLOVE BOX, so I have to pay ANOTHER visit to the dealership.

When I buy a brand new Ford Focus and drive home from the dealership after picking up the owner’s manual I never got when I actually bought the damn car, only to hear a weird beeping sound, like the gay robot from the Power Rangers, (Alpha was gay, right?) and it turns out to be a Hispanic man’s cell phone. WHY IS THIS IN MY NEW CAR? And what did you get on the driver’s seat, señor? You know where that phone is now? Wherever garbage goes when the trash man takes away the bag at the corner of 50th Street and 8th Avenue.


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Half-artist, half-fish, half-monkey, the Mojo has defied logic, gravity and superiors in four different decades! This is his life, unfiltered, unrefined, underwear.

4 thoughts on “NJBA: Wonder Woman!”

        1. I’ve never been to Sonic, so I’ll say its like a wild afternoon at Tamba, the all-you-can-eat Indian buffet in the Curry Hill sector of NYC.

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