NJBA: Eli Manning

Here’s an Eli Manning New York Giants NJBA I made for the New Jersey Isn’t Boring Show this past Sunday. The show itself was a bust for me, but I was so ill-prepared it’s not even funny. Adult responsibilities are killing me. KILLING ME.

The tweet I got sums it up perfectly:

COLLAGE: New Jersey Devils (16×16)

New Jersey DevilsSince completing this collage, the New Jersey are 0-1. I guess it’s bad luck, because they lost in overtime tonight to the goddamned New York Rangers. Even worse, the game winner was scored by defenseman Kevin Klein. Bro, A Fish Called Wanda sucked!

I think there will be a series of 16×16 snippet logo collages coming. I have a few outlets to really get these out there in the public eye, too, from the days when I got my food creations all over the internet and in Sports Illustrated. LOL. I made a Philadelphia Flyers logo from roast beef and Sports Illustrated published it in their magazine. Oh man. That will never not blow my mind. NJCollage_InSitu

Stanley Cup Predictions: 2014 1st Round

I don’t know anything about the NHL in 2014. I grew up around the game and worked in the NHL for 3 seasons, but my career took me to greener pastures in 2010. It was the first time in my life I had no ties to the game, and it was a little liberating. I got roped back in two years later when the Devils crushed the Rangers’ championship dreams on Adam Henrique’s back-breaking, nut-cracking, series-clinching goal against Henrik “Overrated” Lundqvist and went on to Finals, only to get smoked by the white-hot Los Angeles Kings.

They ALMOST got me back for good, but then there was ANOTHER lockout, the FOURTH work stoppage since I was 10, and I was so pissed off, I’ve watched about 3 games in the last 18 months. Starting a family and making a baby have also been good distractions.

That said, I still think it’s time to make some predictions.
Boston Bruins vs Detroit Red Wings: I guess the Red Wings have had the Bruins number this year, but this is the playoffs, and there are more good players still playing for Boston from when I watched regularly than there are on the Wings. Bruins in six.Amazing pizza.

Tampa Bay Lightning vs Montreal Canadiens: I’ve had a soft spot for the Canadiens since I was a kid, when the Devils inherited some of Montreal’s decent players (Tom Chorske), great players and coaches (Claude Lemieux, Stephane Richer, Jacques Lemaire, Larry Robinson, Jacques Caron) and Lyle Odelein. Tampa Bay is going to play at least four road games in a row, because Canadiens fans are gonna PACK the Lightning arena. And that’s really annoying. So annoying that the Lightning will be too motivated to lose, and that’s a shame. Because I like the Habs. Lightning in five.

Pittsburgh Penguins vs Columbus Blue Jackets: The Blue Jackets sound like a scrappy team with a stupid name, and after every year since forever of being terrible, I guess they finally have a shot at winning a playoff game. Like Canadiens fans invading Tampa Bay, those goddamn Pens fans are going to occupy Columbus, and while the Jackets are in no way going to win this series, maybe they can break someone’s leg on the other side. Pens in five.Pittsburgh Penguins

New York Rangers vs Philadelphia Flyers: Both teams fall into a hole in the ground and forfeit, allowing the Bruins a bye to the Conference Finals.

Colorado Avalanche vs Minnesota Wild: Colorado’s good again? Okay. Avs in six. Because I’m still sick of the 2012 media coverage of Suter-and-Parise-to-Minnesota.

St. Louis Blues vs Chicago Blackhawks: A guy at the gym with spaghetti stains all over his shirt told me this is the Blues’ year. He was an idiot savant and knew every player, coach, GM and director of marketing in the NHL, so I will take his word for it. Blues in six.St. Louis Blues

Anaheim Ducks vs Dallas Stars: I have to base this on the tried and true method of sports betting perfected by every airhead woman in America. Who has nicer clothes? The Ducks’ jerseys, colors and logo are way better than Dallas. Ducks in six.2007 Stanley Cup Champions

San Jose Sharks vs Los Angeles Kings: That serial killer from the gym picked the Sharks as his back-up winner for the Cup, so… Sharks in seven.

Alexander Ovechkinaut

Alexander OvechkinautAfter posting a sketch of former NHL stars and mega millionaires Ilya Kovalchuk and Ilya Bryzgalov as cosmonauts, I got to thinking, wouldn’t it be funny to paint a series of Russian NHLers as cosmonauts?

The honest answer is, “Probably not.” But I’m going to do it anyway. This one’s Washington Capitals sometimes-superstar, Alex Ovechkin. Like my WWF Zombies, this NHL Cosmonaut is a 9×12″ watercolor.

Minneapolis Marathon Thoughts

I visited a cousin in Minnesota to run the Minneapolis Marathon Sunday morning. I had perfect running conditions: sunny, cool, mostly flat track, and I was chugging along at a decent pace when I felt a twinge of pain in my right knee (the side of the knee, where the IT band is). I ran through it and it finally went away….and came back… and went away. The third time I felt the pain, it was so unbearable I thought I’d buckle. That was at Mile 23. I mostly walked the next three miles, so disappointed. I was shocked – SHOCKED – to have crossed the finish line at 3:18:12. Apparently, I was on pace to DESTROY my personal best run – 3:08 in New Jersey two years ago – before the injury.

I’ma take some time off to heal and regroup for Hartford in October.

Here’s the race shirt, which was really comfy, but dude. The thing looks like a Simon Cowell V-neck. Terrible choice right there, Minneapolis.Minneapolis Marathon Race Tee Emblazoning “FINISHER” across the back of the tee you receive 24 hours before actually running the race is a little Continue reading Minneapolis Marathon Thoughts

DESIGNS: 2013 Area 51 ET Full Moon Midnight Marathon

Last August, I completed my 6th marathon in as many states (going for 1 in each). It was the Area 51 Extraterrestrial Full Moon Midnight Marathon, a mouthful and a lot of fun.

As far as marathons go, it can’t be any more different. A midnight start, I probably only had 3 training runs in the dark, let alone an actual race. Runners were bused from Vegas hotels to the middle of nowhere two hours away to run down the highway. (It was more like running UP the highway. The first 13 miles was a steady incline.)

I was injured and considered anything under four a hours a win. I finished 4th in my age group, 15th overall (out of a paltry 197), and wanted to die. But what an experience.

While I zigzagged across the US on a couple planes, I was so overcome with a burst of creativity energy that I had to sketch my ideas onto some Delta napkins. I polished those rough drawings and submitted a half-dozen ideas for race medals for the 2013 Midnight Marathon.

The race organizer loved my ideas and assured me she’d be in touch in the spring when it was time to get going again. That was last week, and now I can check off “design a marathon medal” from my bucket list. Quite frankly, the idea that will be this year’s finisher’s medal is so simple, I’m surprised no one’s done it before:

The logic behind the design: Quite frankly, I figured this would have been the very first medal of the ET Marathon back in whatever-the-first-year-of-the-race-was. It seems so obvious. Having received 8 finisher’s medals thus far, a common problem I’ve noticed is they are SO BUSY. Some of them work, some don’t, but in both cases, tossing in sponsor logos and a shitload of colors is never a plus. So here we have some clean simplicity, and close to a standard, classic Olympic-style medal. (I bit an Olympic gold medal in Vancouver. It belonged to a Canadian women’s hockey player.) If the produce these to glow in the dark, it will be the greatest medal of all-time.

Another of my medal concepts (my obligatory busy one) will be added to the back of the tee:

Back of tee

The logic behind the design: The road with the mountains in the distance summarizes your scenery on the race through Rachel, NV. Keep an eye on the sky, and you’ll see more than a few shooting stars. And obviously, since the race goes through Area 51, I had to include the flying saucer. Normally, I’d go with more detail for something like this, but since I designed this as a medal, I had to keep it simple. If the shirts are distressed, I think this will look pretty sweet. (I’ll post pics when I get mine.)

If you want to run the 2013 Area 51 ET Full Moon Marathon (or 51K, 10K or Half-Marathon), go here.

WWF ZOMBIES: British Bulldog

British BulldogI’m a little tired of the WWF Zombies. To be honest, I’m just exhausted from painting in general right now. I’ve been going nonstop (coupled with marathon training) since December, trying to build a decent portfolio for the Asbury Park Comic Con. I’m mostly happy with where I’m at, and we’ll see how the chips fall next weekend.

This British Bulldog started well enough, but I made his one hand too bloody, and it obscures the fact that he’s HOLDING a leg bone like a cane to prop himself up. Unfortunately, it looks more like his leg is stripped of flesh, and wildly out of place.

Oh well. Hopefully, some British Bulldog fan won’t mind and take this off my hands anyway.

As the wrestling zombies come to an end, I do have some ideas for other zombart, and I hope people really take to it, because I’ve got a wedding to pay for now.