The Clink Room’s Clink Kong Logo

A few months ago, I got some good press from The Clink Room, a site I frequent and will inadequately describe as being devoted to logos. There’s a lot of cool stuff over there, so check them out.

Anyway, Clinker Casey said at the time:

If someone knows Scott or can reach him, please convey to him that we’ll hook him up with Clink swag if he sends us a rendition of Clink Kong done in pencil shavings, raw hamburger, and grape jelly. And just to be sure, let it be known, we’re dead-ass serious.

Luckily, I know me, and was able to convey that message to myself. And I did it last night in my spiffy Brooklyn apartment bedroom while my roommates baked a three layer cake in the kitchen, unaware that the weird guy who looks like Tarzan was wearing surgical gloves and playing with his meat the adjacent room. Continue reading The Clink Room’s Clink Kong Logo