COLLAGE: New Jersey Devils (16×16)

New Jersey DevilsSince completing this collage, the New Jersey are 0-1. I guess it’s bad luck, because they lost in overtime tonight to the goddamned New York Rangers. Even worse, the game winner was scored by defenseman Kevin Klein. Bro, A Fish Called Wanda sucked!

I think there will be a series of 16×16 snippet logo collages coming. I have a few outlets to really get these out there in the public eye, too, from the days when I got my food creations all over the internet and in Sports Illustrated. LOL. I made a Philadelphia Flyers logo from roast beef and Sports Illustrated published it in their magazine. Oh man. That will never not blow my mind. NJCollage_InSitu

New Jersey Isn’t Boring Art Show @ Rail House, Rahway – Oct 19


I’ll be showing some new work tonight at this show in Rahway, NJ. If you’re in that neck of the woods, swing by and get me a shot.

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railhouse show

REMINDER! New Jersey Isn’t Boring is SO happy to announce it’s first art show, to be held at the Rail House  in Rahway, NJ on Sunday, October 19th at 5pm. This event is part of a weekly event called called Soft Sounds and Creative Wonders run by the Rail House. It features acoustic musicians and local artwork.

The event will feature 3 artists whose work represents NJ. The three artists will be Chris Ernst,Corey Hudson, and Scott Modrzynski.

“Bruce Buns”, Chris Ernst

All three artists have art work that represents NJ in a fun way.

Chris Ernst from New Brunswick has pop culture art inspired by NJ, Corey Hudson takes refurbished wood from Hurricane Sandy and transforms it into art, and Scott Modrzynski aka Mojoswork takes the state shape and turns in into something awesome ie Spiderman.

Come eat, drink and have a good time while…

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SnowthsDooodoo doo doodoo do do doo doo duhdoodoo. Mahna Mahna.

This was a hard one to get through. I just wasn’t feeling it, but after letting it sit for about 8 months, I kinda dig it now, particularly the color palette. What do you think?

snowthtrain016Here’s a rare in-progress shot of the painting. Rare because I hate wasting time by taking photos of things that aren’t finished. Time is money.


Bodacious XBox Controller (9×12)

XBOXI tripped into painting these video game controllers. I loved Nintendo and Genesis, so I painted those remotes last year. They were really well received, so I thought I’d revisit the idea of painting more, and here we are.

I’m not even going to pretend like I know what the hell was a good game for XBox. Call of Duty? Halo? I feel like those are educated guesses, but I never played either. Once N64 moved on, so did I when it came to gaming. I can think of about four games that I played with any sort of fervor since Mario Kart 64 became obsolete:

Simpsons Road Rage (PS2): My brother got this for Christmas one year and I probably spent a solid week glued to the TV playing because back in the 90s, the Simpsons was my shteez.

Some wrestling game (some advanced video game system): I don’t remember the name of the game (WWF All Stars, maybe?) or the system, but you could be the Ultimate Warrior, and that’s all that mattered.

Mario Galaxy (Wii): My roommate from the UK, Sam, were on a tear, dominating this game, but then something happened. Someone broke into our East Village apartment and stole my Wii, a system I bought one month earlier, because it was touted as being easy to play (it was). Galaxy was in the system at the time. I still have the case. Alas, I was not meant to enjoy video games. God must have had other plans for me.

Punch-Out (Wii): See above.

50 States of Superman: Washington



Remember, the Daughters of the Atom show at One-Shot Gallery opens tonight!

GALLERY OPENING: Daughters of the Atom

10543067_971255222888361_8033103490783513603_oTwo days. Two gallery openings in New York City. Two sets of collages.

FRIDAY. October 10th. One-Shot Gallery debuts the Daughters of the Atom group show, featuring art of the women who populate the world of the X-Men. Three of my pieces – Mystique, Storm, Domino (not released here!) – will be part of this event, hopefully the first of many collaborations I have with One-Shot.

From the One-Shot Facebook page:

Join us for the opening of our next show, DAUGHTERS OF THE ATOM: An X-Women Exhibit, Friday October 10th from 8-10pm at St. Mark’s Comics. Check out some art, meet some of the artists, plus…AN X-WOMEN COSPLAY CONTEST!

That’s right, our opening will also be an X-WOMEN COSPLAY CONTEST so come as your favorite X-Lady and participating artists may select you to win awesome prizes provided by St. Mark’s Comics – See you there!


Sup, dawgs. Been awhile. Three shows coming up!

Something on October 9th that will feature my Frankenstein collage… I have no idea where or what this place is, other than its an art gallery in SoHo… but my work was accepted. Long story.

The following night, my Mystique and Storm collages will be a part of One-Shot Gallery’s Women of X show.

October 19th, in Rahway, NJ, I’ll be at the Rail House displaying some of my New Jersey portraits. And on that note, here’s the first (and maybe last) Rhode Island portrait I’ll ever do, part of the 50 States of Superman project.

SupermanLike this painting, the actual Rhode Island is partially made of kryptonite, sucking the life out of you until you die… or leave. I left.

INAPPROPRIATE FRUIT: Garter Pear (11×15)

Garter PearI began painting this MONTHS AGO, like maybe February or March. It wasn’t until this past Wednesday that I found the proper alignment of free time and motivation to finish it off with the purple lingerie and ink work.

Buy the Garter Pear here for a paltry twenty-five bucks.
(EDIT: SOLD. But please feel free to request a commission. The Inappropriate Fruit series will continue!)

This is the third in a series that also features the Naughty Apple and Sexy Pineapple.

In unrelated news, Gotham premieres on FOX tonight, followed by season 2 of Sleepy Hollow! Sleepy was the best show of the 2013 Fall season, and obviously, I eagerly await any series based on a young James Gordon.

50 States of Superman: Georgia



POSSIBLE FACT I HAVEN’T FACT CHECKED BUT HEARD IN 5TH GRADE & STILL HOLD AS GOSPEL 22 YEARS LATER: Although Georgia is famous for its peaches, most US peaches are from New Jersey.