Eeee ya ya ya ya!


Animal is the third “double” I’ve painted from the Muppets (I also painted Statler and Waldorf for two separate commissions), and this one goes out to someone who stopped by my table at the Stony Brook Family Art Day last month.  Now if only all those Forgetful Jones fans would come out the holes in which they’ve been hiding.

Also, check out all the rest of the Muppets I’ve painted here. Some are still available, and you can also get a commissioned piece. Email for that.


This is a special Muppet Monday, because this is the official 50th Muppet for the ongoing portrait project! I’d love to hit 60 by the end of the year. Only 400 more to go!



I was only briefly into Sesame Street as a kid. I knew the staples like Big Bird, the Count, Bert & Ernie, and others, as well as 80s role players like Sherlock Hemlock, Forgetful Jones, the Amazing Mumford and Roosevelt Franklin. Sesame Street in 2014 is a much different world.

I’ve watched a good portion of the current season, and only Grover and Cookie Monster seem to remain as mainstays. (His segments, Cookie’s Crummy Pictures – spoofs of popular films – are hilarious.) Elmo still dominates the program, but his meteoric rise to fame was already after my time, so he doesn’t count. Bird, Count, Bert and Ernie are only around once in a while, and I’ve yet to see any of the other characters I already mentioned. I guess they’re retired. Sad.

In their place are characters like Abby Cadabby, Elmo, Murray and Ovejita. And somewhere between this new Sesame world and the one I remember, there is a whole rise-and-fall-of section of Sesame Muppets, characters like Rosita and Zoe. (I’ve yet to see either of them this year.) I know next to nothing about them, but in doing some cursory research for this ongoing portrait project (, I thought Zoe was cute, and here she is.

50 States of Superman: Arkansas

Arkansas SupermanAll I know about Arkansas is that it houses the largest diamond deposit in the country. In fifth or sixth grade, we had this crazy history/geography (social studies?) quiz and I won on that question when the teacher couldn’t stump me on anything. I have no idea how I knew that random and obscure fact. Osmosis? Egdar Cayce claimed he could absorb book knowledge by sleeping on texts. Then again, he also said he was form Atlantis… How do I know who Edgar Cayce is? Another random, obscure fact I have no explanation for. Maybe I’m from Atlantis, too.