International Food Day Returns!

I love the holidays. Christmas, man. It’s really the best. My birthday is two days after Jesus. I jump in the frigid Atlantic Ocean for good luck nearly every New Year’s Eve. And in 2010, I finally actualized my potential and became an artist in practice, not just in word. International Food Day, an annual […]

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Rampage Royal Court

The Punch-Out paintings were never intended to remain as-is, but after I published the midpoint images last month, I had the horrible problem of people asking to buy them. So I left them to be, not quite as creative as I intended, and moved onto the next thing… the next thing being this interpretation of […]

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Alfred Hitchcock Sketch

Practicing for some other work I want to get into. I’ve had Copic markers for years and never used them. Also have a bunch of nice mixed media paper. Nice and heavy. I’d like to make some ink washes to put both of these materials to good use.

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Artist’s Statement

I’ve submitted a few pieces into an art show to be held during March and April in New Jersey. The deadline was yesterday, so I squeaked in at the last possible moment, never finding the time to get’er done in the two months I’ve known about this exhibit. And when I finally got around to […]

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