So after the NC commission, I was asked by a Facebook frequenter of of the MojosWork page to paint Superman as Massachusetts. With Jersey and New York already made, it would seem this is a good time to go wit a 50 state initiative: every state as Superman.

Here’s Massachusetts, also sold signed, sealed and delivered to New England.SuperMASS

It’s like he’s putting on the brakes mid-flight. Reminds me of an old joke.

Superman is flying around and he sees Wonder Woman laying out in her backyard, stark naked and spread eagle. The Man of Steel, being pretty much damn near omnipotent, decides that he can swoop in, dip his kryptonite into Wonder Woman’s Fortress of Solitude, and get the hell out before she even knows what hits her.

A few seconds later, on the ground, Wonder Woman says, “What’s the matter?”
The Invisible Man replies, “I don’t know, but my ass is killing me.”

Just for Laughs (16×20)

Just for LaughsFrom Wikipedia:

Just for Laughs (French: Juste pour rire) is a comedy festival held each July in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Founded in 1983, it is the largest international comedy festival in the world.

With that out of the way, I was commissioned by a friend of the festival’s founder to paint their logo. In my head, I’m thinking, why would the founder want a painting of his own logo, which he probably sees a million times every month? So I wanted to at least try SOMETHING different. In that regard, I glued newsprint to a 16×20 before I started painting. It actually made a cool effect, and as I type, this puppy in somewhere in customs right now. Viva Quebec.

Speaking of which, remember this Foogos from 2011?

North Carolina Superman (11×14)

Internet sales ebb and flow, but the joy of e-commerce is you really have no idea where the next client is coming from. Someone found me and my New York Capes through Etsy, and requested a Superman made from North Carolina. SupermanIt’s funny how you can find the form in these awkward shapes. I especially love how NC perfectly fit Supes’ hair and feet.

Happy birthday, Ma.


I blame the Bean on my lack of time to create a birthday card for my mom this year, so here’s last year’s awesome Blue Demon card recycled. Happy birthday, Ma, you filthy animal!

Originally posted on Mojo's Work:

I designed a birthday card for my mom. This birthday card, in fact:





It’s got Blue Demon, who I am fascinated by, on the cover, and it says “Happy birthday, you filthy animal,” in Spanish on the inside, within the boundaries of a minimalist wrestling ring.

My mom is not a fan of wrestling – Mexican or otherwise – or Blue Demon, speaks no Spanish whatsoever, and has no particular penchant for the greyish purple color dominating the palette. But she made me, and I make no sense, so it’s only fitting I complete the circle and give her something nonsensical that I made. (Those are the kinds of sorta logical, 11th hour conclusions I drew in four years of writing art history papers.)

Last Minute Pre-Publishing Edit: I actually saw my mom this morning (wasn’t expecting to til tonight) and she laughed her ass off at…

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Dragon Burger!

Dragon BurgerHot on the heels of Sandwich>Taco, I give you the Chinese New Year Dragon Burger.

I want to make this an actual parade float/puppet/thing, which Cheez Whiz shooting from the flaring nostrils, and ketchup spewing from its mouth. In the meantime, this and the Sandwich>Taco are available as super cheap, super fun 8.5×11 prints.

MUPPET MONDAY: Two Headed Monster (16×20)

Its the last day in June. CRAZY. The year is HALF OVER. I get sidetracked so often, but it would really be nice if I could get on a weekly schedule with these Muppet portraits. As I tick off most of the A-listers, and have dipped into a decent number of also-rans, I realize I’m getting closer and closer to my goal of portraitizing every character under the Sesame Street, Muppet Show/Tonight and Fraggle Rock banners. Help out by purchasing one of the ones I have remaining. It pays for supplies to continue the project and frees up space so the Movie Squirrel (remember her? Motherhood has taken her away from her true calling; talking shit about great movies everyone else agrees are great) doesn’t blow a gasket.

NOTE: I joke, but I have to say, Movie Squirrel is not only understanding of the messes I have to, will and do create as a result of my artistic endeavors, she also wholeheartedly supports them. That is both impressive and quite a relief to me. Thanks, MS.

So here’s the latest, a 16×20 of the 2nd best Muppet monster of all, the Two-Headed Monster from Sesame Street.




I know I ranked the top Muppet monsters of all-time last year, so let’s see how consistent I am with my ranking here.


Okay, I’m on point with myself from a year ago. But I did notice, in that installment of Muppet Monday, I didn’t even include the Muppet of the hour, Frazzle. Goddamn. So here he is, one year later:



Sandwich > Taco

My personal Facebook feed goes like this: artwork, artwork, photo of my daughter, anti-New York Rangers commentary, artwork, artwork, cyber-bullying someone, artwork, photo of my daughter, WEIRD DREAMS. I wonder what certain specific people think of my weird dreams when I post them, and those people (usually religious fuddy-duddies, or straight-laced nerds with no sense of humor or too many inhibitions) NEVER EVER bite and give me the gratification of knowing that they read two paragraphs of gibberish that originated in my head in the dead of night.

Among the items that I dreamed up last week was a sandwich eating a taco. I didn’t see it in action, but in words, if that makes any sense. So the other night at work, I made it a reality and drew what I thoguht a sandwich eating a taco would look like.sandtaco044 I suppose this is a ham and Swiss sandwich with lettuce and tomato. Seems like a weird combo – and one I would NEVER eat on purpose – but I was going for color contrast more than anything here. I cleaned the image up on the computer, and I think I have the next Tomas Goutersven on my hands.Sandwich > Taco

Happy Father’s Day

Cut me some slack. I’ve got a baby. I just got married. We’re closing on a house. It’s the summer. I just got a cortizone shot blasted into my wrist. (That last bit makes me feel like a pro athlete.)

I painted this Adam West Batman for my dad for Father’s Day (and more important than this post, I actually got it to him on time). It resides in his sweet man cave, usurping the 800″ projector screen as the showpiece that ties the room together.



I don’t need to rehash my love for the Adam West-era Batman, or as its more recently known as, Batman ’66. But it never hurts to never forget the gummi portraits I did of the cast a couple years ago. (A COUPLE YEARS AGO???? Jesus, where does the time go?)

Kinda like my Muppet portrait series, I plan on painting all the heroes and villains from this legendary show. No timetable for completion, although once we’re settled and the baby is a little more self-sufficient (ie wipes own ass), I’ll finally have a little studio with some space to work a bunch of stuff at once. Here’s the Joker I completed a couple months ago.

In other news, it was 19 years ago today that the New Jersey Devils won their first Stanley Cup. I was there. Section 124. Row 24. Seat 4. Probably the first great night of my life. The first of many.

MUPPET MONDAY: Swedish Chef (12×12)



Muppet Monday returns!

I’ve noticed I hate painting “white people Muppets.” Statler and Waldorf are legendary characters, but putting together that peachy skin tone is my least favorite thing in the world to do. That same rule applies here for the Swedish Chef, another Muppet classic, though one I admittedly never cared for. It’s not that he is too one-note (let’s face it, he IS), but that one note is a note I just don’t care to see played out over and again.

But enough about me. The Swedish Chef originated as a live sketch during the 1961 US Food Fair in Germany. Hensons’s father had connections with the Department of Agriculture, so that maybe helped Jim get the gig, but he was making his own way at that time through the late night talk show circuit, commercials for various coffee companies featuring Rowlf, and Sam & Friends, a wildly popular 5-minute segment that wrapped Washington DC newscasts.

So the sketch, “The Chef’s Salad,” featured Omar, one of the Sam & Friends cast, making a mess masquerading as a salad, all while speaking gibberish German. It was the first time Henson used a “live hand” puppet, where a humans actual hands were a part of the performance. (The hands were performed by Jerry Juhl.) At the end of the bit, the salad exploded in the chef’s face, and the people loved it. And the inspiration for the Swedish Chef was born. The character debuted on The Muppet Show, performed by Henson, with Frank Oz serving as the hands.

I learned all this from reading Jim Henson: The Biography by Brian Jay Jones, which is too good to put down. Needless to say my poops have been particularly long recently. I’ll get more into this when I’m done. (I’m talking about the book again, not poops.)

Elsa from Frozen

ElsaPainted this for my niece’s birthday the other day. I used my non-dominant hand (the right one) because I really effed up the left – particularly my wrist – in a boxing mishap two months ago. I visited the doctor last month and they said its tendonitis and gave me a brace that has done less than nothing for me. And this is why I HATE doctors. Fucking idiots. Now I need to find a doctor who will actually help me.