Wonder Pig

What better week to share this Wonder Pig portrait than Comic Con week?

TANGENT: Personally, I’m over Comic Con. It’s too big, has nothing to do with comics, and is a $50 ticket (minimum) to wait in a line while dodging the oversized tin foil sword some anime fanboy/girl made with the remnants of his cafeteria lunch grilled cheese wrappers.

This Piggy portrait is from the original Muppet Show (episode 419, starring the original Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter). I painted it on an oval canvas –I have no idea how big it is off-hand… maybe 16×9″?) I’ve had since at least 2002. My current life goal is to be rid of all this old inventory of art supplies I’ve accumulated over the years. It’s overwhelming.

And just for the sake of adding my two cents, I think The Muppets is great. Two episodes down, and I’ve had a handful of good laughs in each episodes. There are those who think it’s lost the innocence of Muppets past, becoming dark and gritty like…everything else… and there’s a point there, but get over yourselves. “Dark” as this series may be, it’s a far cry from the adult nature of Avenue Q (which I saw a couple eyars ago; the raunch is way overhyped), and even if the tone of The Muppet Show were kept alive from 1978, the current program would be dead before mid-season. Nobody wants Wayne and Wanda ballroom dancing and telling corny puns in 2015.

MUPPET MONDAY: Pepe the King Prawn


The breakout star of the 90s Muppets, Pepe the King Prawn. This is one of six pieces of mine to be featured in an upcoming gallery show in Jersey City. More information as it becomes available.


24x36" acrylic on canvas
24×36″ acrylic on canvas

I wouldn’t mind seeing the Fraggles participate in this November’s Survivor Series in a classic elimination match. Personally, I know of no better way to bring them back into mainstream pop culture. I mean, Jon Stewart just cracked John Cena over the head with a steel chair at SummerSlam, so why the hell not?

This painting took most of the year to complete, stops and starts and what have you. I’m way behind on my work, but it’s finally starting to come together here.

Down at Fraggle Rock is 24×36″, and I think is the biggest Muppet piece I’ve painted to date. Currently, it’s still available here.

Monster Cereal Movie Concept

I just thought of this over my first bowl of Boo Berry of the 2015 Halloween cereal season.

MOVIE IDEA: Lucifer tampers with the General Mills cereal plant and inserts “prizes” into all the cereal. When you open them up, you lose your soul. Meanwhile, Boo Berry, who is a HUGE mark for himself, opens one of his own boxes and completely disappears, since he’s a ghost (soul). Millions of children across the globe are without their souls, and subsequently, their appetites, so now there is no one buying delicious Monster Cereal™.

So at an emergency shareholders meeting, Count Chocula and Franken Berry wonder what the hell is going on, and investigate the sudden plunge in sales, as well as the disappearance of their friend, Boo. They eventually figure out that Lucifer has tampered with the delicious Monster Cereal™ – but HOW??? – and has captured Boo and the children’s souls. In the ensuing battle, Boo unites the other souls to rally around their heroes, Chocula and Franken, which shows Lucifer the error of his ways, that winning the souls of children is not through deception, but through sugary, mallowy breakfasts. (This will lead into the real-life marketing tie-in of Apple Lucinnamons, the newest delicious Monster Cereal™ from General Mills.)

And then there’s the twist. Lucifer reveals that he had help getting into the cereal plant after all! As it turns out, Frute Brute and Yummy Mummy, after years of neglect and scorn from children, had plotted the whole soul-stealing scam as a way to be rid of their wildly popular peers and the general public who couldn’t be bothered wit them.

With the combined powers of artificial berry flavors, artificial chocolate flavors and NEW artificial apple cinnamon flavors, Boo, Frank, Choc and Lu defeat Frute Brute and Yummy Mummy once and for all, and reunite the souls with the children who owned them. Sales for delicious Monster Cereals™ grow more popular than ever and they all lived happily ever after.

…until the sequel.

COMIC AD: Rescue Rangers Fudge Bars (1991)

Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers Fudge Bars

Pulled this from a comic I used for collage fodder. I remember these ice cream bars, and I’m 95% sure the noses of these critters were M&M’S.

And here’s the Rescue Rangers logo I made form food a few years back.

22×11.5″ Avengers USA (2015)

Brand spanking new Avengers flag made from pretty much older scraps of comics I cut out over the past two years. A lot of my original flags were too loose with the lines delineating red and white, so I’m going back to fix them up, because I plan on hitting the convention circuit in 2016, and I want blow people away.

Completely unrelated, but when the first person said, “This blows my mind!” did they mean that whatever amazing thing was fellating their brain? I really want to believe that, yes, yes they did.Avengers (2015)

Also, not to bury the lead, but, AVAILABLE HERE.

Fantoastic Four

So I’m thinking, you know what the world needs? A Fantastic Four reboot.




Hear me out.

August’s trainwreck was a $120M abortion. The next FF won’t ever command that kind of allowance. So let’s say $25M. Give me $25M, FOX, and I will see what I can do. The first place to make some budget cuts is in the effects department. With $25M, I am confident I can shoot a decent FF movie (certainly not worse than anything else we’ve been given) in stop-motion animation with my Nikon and Photoshop’s animated GIF function. Huge savings right there.

Next cut: actors. You’ve tried TV actors. You’ve tried unknowns. You’ve tried unknown TV actors. But I’ve got the solution.

Bread. And with that, I’ve already rounded out the cast to the Fantoastic Four:

Clockwise, from top left: Mr. Fantastic, The Thing, The Human Torch, Invisible Woman
Clockwise, from top left: Mr. Fantastic, The Thing, The Human Torch, Invisible Woman