COLLAGE: New Jersey Devils (16×16)

New Jersey DevilsSince completing this collage, the New Jersey are 0-1. I guess it’s bad luck, because they lost in overtime tonight to the goddamned New York Rangers. Even worse, the game winner was scored by defenseman Kevin Klein. Bro, A Fish Called Wanda sucked!

I think there will be a series of 16×16 snippet logo collages coming. I have a few outlets to really get these out there in the public eye, too, from the days when I got my food creations all over the internet and in Sports Illustrated. LOL. I made a Philadelphia Flyers logo from roast beef and Sports Illustrated published it in their magazine. Oh man. That will never not blow my mind. NJCollage_InSitu

New Jersey Badass: Day #24

Second only to Bruce Springsteen, Martin Brodeur is the most iconic celebrity in New Jersey history. He’s not a native, but his entire professional life has been spent in the Garden State, bringing tree Stanley Cups to the Jerz. That’s huge. Also, this is SOLD.Martin Brodeur

Badass New Jersey: Day #16

I’d be remiss to exclude the New Jersey Devils’ mascot, the cleverly named NJ Devil, to the Jersey Badass collection.NJ DevilFor the record, I know the man who portrays NJ Devil. He likes deep dish pizza.

Alexander Ovechkinaut

Alexander OvechkinautAfter posting a sketch of former NHL stars and mega millionaires Ilya Kovalchuk and Ilya Bryzgalov as cosmonauts, I got to thinking, wouldn’t it be funny to paint a series of Russian NHLers as cosmonauts?

The honest answer is, “Probably not.” But I’m going to do it anyway. This one’s Washington Capitals sometimes-superstar, Alex Ovechkin. Like my WWF Zombies, this NHL Cosmonaut is a 9×12″ watercolor.

Space Ilyas… or… Kovynauts

KovynautsIf you’re not a hockey fan, the typical summer goes like this: Stanley Cup Finals conclude, NHL Awards are given out, the annual draft occurs (coupled with at least one major trade) and then free agency rounds out the frenzy over a two or three day period.

That was two weeks ago, and I had just accepted that there’d be no earth-shattering news until September or so. Then Ilya Kovalchuk (pictured left) up and retired at 30, which is even unheard of to all things that are unheard of. This sketch I drew on the Long Island Railroad heading to Port Jefferson Friday night is my reaction to Kovy’s parting of ways with the New Jersey Devils and the NHL as a whole. He’s pictured here with his fellow countryman and cosmonaut, former Philadelphia Flyers goaltender, Ilya Bryzgalov.

Both of these dudes are laughing all the way to their Russian banks.

The crazy thing? In a purely coincidental moment that leads me to believe a higher power wanted this drawing to happen, I just realized that the name of the actual cosmonaut whose body I sampled for Kovalchuk is named VLADIMIR KOVALIONOK. The other guy is VICTOR SAVYNIKH. Here’s the original:VLADIMIR-KOVALIONOK-VICTOR-SAVYNIKH

Foogos Around the Web

It feels good to see your work scattered across the web. Monday and Tuesday have been two of those when just that has happened. Here’s where Foogos has reared its deformed head across the vastness of cyberspace:

Buzzfeed posted 21 Beautifully Geeky Foods, in which the Ninja Turtles pizza drops in at #3, behind a funny Chewbacca bento box and some outstanding Legend of Zelda cookies. (I also especially love the Hello Kitty/Avengers mash-up cupcakes and the Star Wars AT-AT made of gingerbread.) Continue reading Foogos Around the Web

Congratulations, Scott Gomez

Quick recap: Scott Gomez was a heck of a hockey player when he received the Calder Trophy as the NHL‘s rookie of the year in 2000. His New Jersey Devils won the Stanley Cup that spring, lost in seven games the next season, and won the whole shebang once more in 2003. He was a key component to the near-dynastic Devils, and as age and free agency forced the team to reload, he moved further and further up the depth chart.

Then he jumped ship to the rival New York Rangers, cashing in on a $7.5 million annual payday. Personally, I thought that was a gross overpayment for a really good complimentary player, and along with a few million other armchair analysts, I was right. Continue reading Congratulations, Scott Gomez